​The first step towards a faster and more efficient action by the CMVM is to use the most appropriate form for each type of complaint or reporting of suspicious transactions.

Be aware that this is not the appropriate area for lodging complaints​ ​or requests for information, which have their own forms in the investor area.

Please select a communication below that best fits your situation.


Reporting suspicious transactions by market operators (STOR​)

The reporting of suspicious transactions and market protection are professional duties provided by law. If, on a professional basis, you prepare or carry out market operations, you are obliged to use this form to report them. Market operators and investment firms that operate a trading platform should also report suspicious transactions using this form.

 Reporting suspicious transactions by the general public

If you do not have a professional relation with a market operator or financial intermediary, but you believe that a suspicious market transaction has been carried out, then reporting should be done here​ 


Whistleblowing legal procedures

This area is intended, in particular, for individuals with specific knowledge about how reported entities function internally, for example, because they are employees of the entity or have some type of contractual relation​ with the entity.

If you are aware of facts, evidence or information about infringements that have already been practiced or that carry a high probability of being practiced, or are being executed, on market abuse issues, you may communicate said to the CMVM.

Please see here how to do it and learn more about the whistleblowing framework.


Other reporting

Any other type of suspicion infraction should be reported to the CMVM via the form available for said purpose.​​​