Periodic statistics

Monthly Benchmarks on the Reception of Orders

March 2021

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In March 2021, the value of orders in financial instruments received by financial intermediaries and registered at the CMVM amounted to €13,010.4 million, a 26.0% increase apropos February. Since the beginning of the year, this benchmark increased by 1.3% over the same period of last year. 

The monthly value fell in all segments.  In financial instruments for private and public debt, it increased 33% up to €1,611.9 million and 29% up to €8,250 million, respectively. For shares, the amount rose by 15% up to €2,458.7 million.

Banco BPI had the largest market share transactions (17.4%), followed by BCP (15.1%) and BIG (13.0%). In public and private debt, the largest stake was held by BNP Paribas (64.0%), followed by Novo Banco (16.1%) and Banco LJ Carregosa (14.7%).

The value of orders on derivative financial instruments increased by 20.7% over the previous month up to €20,688.1 million, and the number of traded contracts increased by 32.4%.  CFDs were the most traded financial instrument in the derivatives market (45.2% of the total amount), with transactions increasing by 21.9% apropos February. Futures transactions were up by 94.6%.

During the same period, the value of orders of residents registered a monthly upturn of 20.6% and non-residents rose by 29.6%.

Regarding market execution, 50.6% of orders were executed in international regulated markets, 6.6% in national markets, 19.2% out of the market and 23.7% were internalised.

The USA, Germany and France were the top three destinations for orders placed on shares outside Portugal, while France, The Netherlands and the UK were the main destinations for orders on debt securities.