Is your company planning to make a capital market operation, has doubts on whether to do so and how to go about it?

To help you navigate the process and understand the applicable rules, the CMVM has a multidisciplinary team available to assist you on Via the Market.

Via the Market is a CMVM programme aimed at the national business community to help them understand and navigate the financing process through the capital markets.

The aim is to foster the growth, notoriety and stability of companies with the public and professional investors' contribution which positively and transversally affects the national economy.

In this context, a permanent and dynamic communication channel has been created to clarify doubts that companies might have on market access and to provide initial support to potential new issuers. Said can be consulted at the page Initiate Contact.

Via the Market will also be responsible for receiving questions and suggestions for improvement related to the Issuer Guide - a digital platform on market financing.

It will also include information on the Market-Based Financing Roadmap, a forum that will promote decentralised meetings with companies in various parts of the country.

Via the Market will be a platform responsible for promoting other market development initiatives, such as focused meetings with market agents on specific issues or assisting in the evaluation of potential improvements in the regulatory environment.