Use of CMVM logo solely with explicit permission

The CMVM logo is registered with the INPI (Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property) with the Number 49185. Based on this registration, the CMVM has the exclusive right to its logo and its unauthorised use by third-parties is illegal under the terms of Article 249(2), ex vi Article 293(2) of the Industrial Property Code.
Entities subject to CMVM supervision may mention that they are registered with the CMVM, where applicable, which are subject to our supervision, and may place a direct link to on their websites. But these entities, or any other entities that are not subject to our supervision, are not allowed to use the CMVM logo, due to the exclusive right of use that the registration confers, but also the risk of CMVM's association and support to companies, initiatives or projects, or guarantee of compliance or quality ascribed to them by the CMVM, which such use may determine.