Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a consultative body of the Management Board in matters covered by the CMVM's responsibilities. In particular, it is responsible for deciding on matters submitted to it by the Management Board and ​presents to the Management Board, on its own initiative, recommendations and suggestions within the scope of the CMVM's attributions.​
The Advisory Board is chaired by a person designated by the Government member responsible for finance, at the proposal of the Chair of the CMVM's Management Board and comprises:​
a)  A member of the Management Board of Banco de Portugal;
b) ​A member of the Management Board of the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority;
c) A member of the the Management Board of the Management Agency for Treasury and Public Debt;
d) A manager of market management companies located or operating in Portugall;
e) A manager of a settlement system management company or of a centralised securities system;
f) A central counterparty manager located or operating in Portugal;​
g) Two representatives of issuers of securities admitted to trading on a regulated market;
h) Three investors representatives,  where at least one represents retail investors;
i) Two representatives of the various categories of financial intermediaries;
j) A representative of an entity that manages the multilateral trading system;
k) A representative of the Statutory Auditors Bar Association;
The  Government member responsible for ​​finance also designates as members of the Advisory Board, by proposal of the Chair of the Management Board, up to five independent individuals of recognised merit in the ​​financial markets area.
Board Members
[to be appointed]