National Council of Financial Supervisors

​The National Council of Financial Supervisors (CNSF) was created in September 2000, by Decree-Law No. 228/2000 of 23 September, aiming, inter alia, to promote the coordination of the supervisory authorities' activities of the financial system, given the increasing integration and interdependence of the various areas linked to the financial activity.

The permanent members of the CNSF are the Governor of Banco de Portugal (presiding), the Chair of the Securities Market Commission, the Chair of the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority and the member of the Board of Directors of Banco de Portugal with the area of ​​supervision.
Representatives of public or private entities, such as the Investor Compensation Scheme, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, the Mutual Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund, regulated market management entities and associations representing any categories of institutions subject to prudential supervision. The CNSF brings together differentiated composition depending on matters related to micro or macroprudential policy.
CNSF holds public consultations on the initiatives it promotes within its competences, namely on proposals for financial regulation and discloses the summaries of its meetings.

All information on the CNSF’s mission, projects and goals, as well as the documentation inherent to its activities, is available on the CNSF website.