Within the scope of activities related to financial innovation, the CMVM operates in multiple aspects and seeks regular interaction with all interested parties and actively collaborates with other regulatory and supervisory authorities of the financial sector in Portugal and abroad.

Featured events or initiatives

The CMVM promotes events and initiatives on financial innovation, fosters interaction, reflection, and consultation on DLT and blockchain, artificial intelligence, as well as on ESG innovation. 

With these initiatives we aim to share and collect information on the main developments on these matters at an international and national level. All interested parties are invited to give their contributions to the insights on these issues thereby contributing towards identifying opportunities, barriers, risks and solutions.

Herein, we will be sharing information on all initiatives within the scope of CMVM Inov. 

Reflection and Consultation Document on Artificial Intelligence

The CMVM shares with all stakeholders, a reflection and consultation document on the potential impacts and applications of AI in the financial sector, particularly in the capital market. Specifically, this consultation paper aims to:

  • further develop knowledge about the Portuguese market, specifically through stakeholders' contributions, seeking to identify current or future AI tools in different areas under the CMVM's supervision;

  • foster the responsible use of AI in the Portuguese capital markets, in order to improve services and instruments available to investors and promote efficiency gains and new business models;

  • reflect on the main developments in this field, at the international and national levels, which may have a potential impact on investors and entities under the CMVM's supervision by considering contributions from all stakeholders interested in this topic.

All documentation on this consultation paper is available here.

Interested parties are invited to send their contributions to the CMVM until 31 July 2022, using the form available here.

Portugal FinLab

Portugal FinLab is a communication channel between financial sector innovators – start-ups or incumbent institutions – and the Portuguese regulatory authorities. Portugal FinLab is the result of a partnership between ASF, Banco de Portugal, and the CMVM aimed at creating a more favourable environment for the development of FinTech businesses and projects, thus responding to the global growth trend in the sector. 

Through this platform, regulators provide participants with the framework to operate within the Portuguese regulatory regime. The objective of Portugal FinLab is to create an efficient communication channel and support the development of innovative solutions in the FinTech area. 

Through Portugal FinLab, participants receive information on regulatory issues that may arise during the implementation of their project. The information is delivered in a single document format, wherein the relevant regulators for the development of the project present their analysis to the participants and identify any regulatory obstacles and critical points for the implementation of the project, according to the limits imposed by Portuguese legislation and regulations. 

Click here for the Portugal FinLab website.

Financial Innovation Competition
The National Contest for Financial Innovation, presented by the CMVM during 2017 World Investor Week, takes place biennially and rewards the best dissertation, thesis (master's or doctorate) or research project on financial innovation.


Third edition - 2022

  • Applications: 1 October to 31 December 2022
  • Addressees: higher education students
  • Prize: 1,000€ and internship
  • Regulation (contents only available in Portuguese)