CMVM inov


The CMVM monitors technological innovation and values innovative approaches that integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance factors into business models, products and services that ensure the best alternatives between risk and return for investors.

We are committed to a proactive, critical, and constructive role in promoting financial innovation and best practice, seeking to follow trends, mitigate risks and promote efficient and sustainable digital economy and markets that improve the well-being of families and support the financing of the economy via capital markets.

The "CMVM inov – Capital Market Innovation Hub" seeks to foster closer proximity with all stakeholders and to provide better service to the community, aiming to:

  • Facilitate dialogue with entrepreneurs within the scope of the CMVM's responsibilities;

  • Clarify the regulatory framework for new projects and initiatives;

  • Be a discussion forum for sharing knowledge by developing initiatives, publications on financial innovation, inter alia

The CMVM inov aims to help entrepreneurs to progress safely in the face of the various regulatory frameworks of the capital markets. We also intend to encourage new projects and ideas that contribute to a more dynamic market, with better alternatives for investors, considering potential risks that the use of new technologies may raise.

In this area you will find information on some of the market rules and what we do at the CMVM. If you have any queries or you would like to share your project with us, please contact us and see the questions and answers below.


Why did CMVM create CMVM inov?

Due to their importance and potential economic and social impact, financial activities tend to be regulated and supervised. Inevitably, the relationship between financial innovation, whether technological, business models or otherwise, and the regulatory framework, requires permanent and close monitoring.

In this process, CMVM inov wants to enhance knowledge and efficiency for the development of entrepreneurship in national capital markets.


Why should I contact CMVM inov?

Incumbents, start-ups, or other entities can contact the CMVM whenever they want to share a technological innovation project or have regulatory queries.

Through the CMVM inov, we travel through the CMVM´s corridors and gather information from our experts to answer queries. As part of our interactions with those that reach out to us, we can also hold meetings when necessary.


What does CMVM inov not do?

The CMVM does not provide for more flexible rules for new projects but will seek to explore proportionality principles provided for by law. That is, while we guarantee the same rules for the same activities regardless of the technologies applied, we will also seek to treat what is different differently.

It is important to bear in mind that the opinions and information conveyed within the scope of the CMVM inov do not replace the usual authorisation procedures, nor do they constitute any kind of prior authorisation procedure. They can, however, rely on the CMVM for full support during this process.


How do I contact CMVM inov?

To query or share your project, we kindly ask you to contact us by filling out a form. It only takes a few minutes and aids us in both gaining perspective of the project and being more agile and effective in providing feedback.

The CMVM seeks to clarify your queries as quickly as possible, aiming to transmit an initial response within the first five days.