Information disclosure system


Including environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in the business and financial activity conduct has gained increasing relevance in recent years and poses challenges to supervision and regulation.

In the current context, the CMVM is strongly commitment to sustainability, seeking, through the promotion of public debate, to identify the opportunities and main risks that arise within the scope of its mission to ensure market integrity, financial stability and investor protection.

The growing impacts on the global economy due to climate change are the most visible aspect at public-debate level, but the sustainability dimensions go beyond the environmental aspect - they also take on the social dimension and strengthening of the principles and practices of good corporate governance, seeking to protect against the risks of management and investment approaches that ignore ethical guidelines, the interests of shareholders and of society and that give in to the temptation of short-term objectives.

Here, we will keep updated the information about the public debate and the concrete measures of commitment to sustainability promoted by the CMVM and other international organisations, as well as the legislative developments that have an impact on the activity of our supervisees and on the way supervision is carried out, so that this path we are taking is not only sustainable but also sustained and an example of good practices.

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