Information disclosure system

Implementation of new duties for regular reporting of information to the CMVM

On 1 July 2021, new duties for reporting periodic information to the CMVM will come into force. These result from the simplification of instructive and regulatory simplification initiated in 2017, covering all activities and entities subject to CMVM supervision.

Thus, all reporting duties that have been changed under the simplification project and whose reporting deadline is after 1 July of next year, must be carried out under the new regime, except for self-assessment reports of governance and internal control systems.

The first self-assessment report of the governance and internal control systems must be sent to the CMVM until 1 April 1 2021 by entities subject to the CMVM and Banco de Portugal’s joint supervision, and until June 30, 2021 by entities exclusively subject to the CMVM’s supervision, in accordance with the provisions of the respective CMVM Regulation.

Until the new information duties are implemented, support will be provided by the CMVM to the supervised entities, so as to contribute to an adjusted, timely and effective implementation of these changes.

All other duties of reporting information to the CMVM that have not been changed within the scope of the simplification project, remain in force and must be complied with as per the deadlines and the terms defined in the respective regulations (Regulation or Instruction).

On this page, the CMVM gathers the necessary information for implementing the new reporting duties, namely, points of contact to answer questions, the regulations involved, and updates said whenever necessary.

Points of Contact 

Questions regarding the implementation of the new reporting duties shall be sent to the following e-mail addresses:



The CMVM Regulations that incorporate changes to the duties of providing periodic information to the CMVM are:

        AMENDED REGULATIONS (contents only available in Portuguese):

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