Information disclosure system

CMVM Issues Warning for Investors concerning Nord Group Investment Inc. (NordFX)

The Portuguese Securities Commission (CMVM) would like to alert all the recipients that Nord Group Investment Inc. (NordFX) ( or is not authorized under the Portuguese Securities Code (approved by Decree-Law No. 486/99 of 13 November and republished by Decree-Law No. 357-A/2007 of 31 October) to provide investment or ancillary services in Portugal. Investment services include prospecting and advising on investments and dealing in financial instruments.

The CMVM informs that the present alert also includes the "NordFX - Português" profile existing in the Facebook network.

The CMVM informs that the Nord FX, company created and registered in the Argentina, is not the subject or, in any way, target of this communication.

Any person or entity that has established any business relationship with persons claiming to represent the above mentioned entity should contact the CMVM via the Toll-free number 800 205 339 (Support line) or by e-mail at

The CMVM urges investors, before conducting business on investment services, to consult its website ( to confirm the firms that are authorized to provide investment services in Portugal.