Information disclosure system

CMVM Issues Warning concerning Alliance Internationale

​17 February 2020

The CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission) warns investors to the fact that ALLIANCE INTERNATIONALE, ( is not authorised to carry out any type of financial intermediation activity in Portugal, under article 295(1)(a) & (b) of the Portuguese Securities Code.

The CMVM clarifies that this entity, contrary to what has been disclosed, bears no relation with  the authorised financial intermediary, Banco Invest, S.A., registered with the CMVM, which is not subject of this warning or, in any way, intended by it.

In order to ensure that a certain entity that provides investment services in financial instruments is authorised to carry out said activity in Portugal, one should consult the list of authorised financial intermediaries via the following link  or via the list of entities authorised to provide financial services in Portugal under the freedom to provide services (LPS) via the link

Any person or entity that has established any business relationship with persons claiming to represent the above-mentioned entity, may contact the CMVM via the Toll-free number 800 205 339 (support line) or by e-mail at