CMVM discloses reflection and consultation document on sustainable finance

The CMVM has deemed it appropriate to share with all interested parties a Sustainable Finance reflection and consultation document. Sustainable finance is a paradigm in the models and objectives of financial markets that offers a range of benefits and opportunities but raises a set of challenges and risks that are deserving of close attention by the regulator and supervisor of the securities market.
Contributions to this reflection should reach the CMVM by 30 April 2019, preferably via e-mail:
Answers may also be sent to the CMVM via: 
a)  postal address to: Rua Laura Alves, 4, 1050-138 Lisboa
b) fax: 21 353 70 77/78
For transparency reasons, the CMVM publishes contributions that are received. If the respondent opposes the said, he/she must expressly state it in his/her contribution.
Any additional doubts or clarifications may be provided by Rita Oliveira Pinto, Laura Leal or Susana Neto of the CMVM’s Regulatory Policy and International Affairs Department (DIPR). 



Outcome of the Consultation: