Investor area

Tips and Literacy

Promoting financial literacy is one of the CMVM's priorities since the higher the level of investor knowledge, the greater their protection and their ability to make investment decisions according to their risk profile, objectives and their financial situation.

To respond to this challenge, projects have been developed either individually or jointly with the other two financial supervisors - Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF) and Banco de Portugal - within the scope of Todos Contam (Everbody Counts). This website provides useful contents, news and free training modules on the three areas of activity of supervisors: banking, insurance and capital markets.

An example of the CMVM's commitment are the leaflets, which seek to contribute to the investors improved knowledge of what cautious and good investment practices are, the mechanisms that protect them and the financial products wherein they can invest, as well as the annual participation in World Investor Week. We also provide a Glossary to help you understand terminology and expressions on the capital markets and financial instruments.

In 2018 we wanted to have a better understanding of the characteristics of the Portuguese investor. For this, we carried out a survey and the first results were published during the World Investor Week that year.

The attitudes, behaviour and knowledge of Portuguese investors and non-investors on investment and the securities market were analysed in the study “Financial literacy for investors in the securities market in Portugal”., carried out between 2020 and early 2021, already within the pandemic context. The findings were presented at the seminar Literacy on the Capital Markets in Portugal: Findings and Challenges, held within the scope of the CMVM's 30th anniversary celebration. A CMVM initiative, financed and contracted by the European Commission under Community funding for promoting structural reforms in the Member States, this study is the basis for the design of a proposed financial literacy programme.