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Fraud in securities investment

​Fraud in securities investment is a worldwide phenomenon that can cause serious damage to investors. For this reason, supervisory authorities and judicial authorities have been strengthening the means in investigation and punishment of these crimes.
The increasing sophistication of the means used for investor contact and persuasion (letter, telephone and especially the Internet), as well as the diversity of places from which the perpetrators of these crimes operate, has made the task of the authorities more difficult, making in many cases, punishment and compensation of defrauded investors, unfeasible.


Despite the close international cooperation in combating fraud networks operating in various countries, the existence of "non-cooperative nations", tax havens or offshores, often place capital gains obtained from fraudulent activities beyond the reach of financial sector supervisors and judicial authorities.
To facilitate the identification of possible situations of fraud, some of the behaviours that may indicate it as well as the mechanisms commonly used are indicated.

- Behaviours showing securities fraud

- Most common financial fraud mechanisms:

- Investor Procedures to Prevent Fraud