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​​Financial innovation

Fintech is a portmanteau that combines the words financial and technology. It refers to technology within the financial services, regardless of the nature or size of the service provider.

The changes in the business models and access to financial services, the increasing speed with which new technologies are being developed and the emergence of disruptive projects within the financial industry, have faced the regulators and supervisors with new challenges.

FinTech technologies and services provide potential opportunities for the financial services sector including specific risks due to its complexity, sophistication, data volume that are generated and processed and due to the fact, that said are made available on the internet.

The CMVM (Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários) as a regulator and supervisor​ ensures the stability of the financial system, identifies and prevents risks, promotes investor protection and contributes in this way towards the development of capital market.

Likewise, the CMVM, as an authority of the European System of Financial Supervisors aims to guide its activity set on the principals of technological impartiality, proportionality and promoting integrity of the market set out by the European Commission (EC).

This section provides information that aims to:

  • ​Ease dialogue with the promoters of new projects involving financial innovation, within the scope of the CMVM duties;

  • Clarify promoters on the regulatory framework of new projects and initiatives; 

  • Clarify and provide information on financial innovation to investors.