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Agreements with counterpart systems​

​Branches of investment companies in other Member States of the European Union may join the investor compensation scheme in their host country, with a view to complementing the cover from which their clients benefit through the compensation scheme operating in their country of origin.

In accordance with the above right, European Parliament and Council Directive 97/9/EC, of 3 March 1997, relating to investor compensation schemes, recommends the establishment of bilateral agreements between schemes operating in host Member States and Member States of origin, with a view to defining the rules and procedures which allow requests for compensation, made by investors, to be dealt with more efficiently and economically.

in this context, the Sistema de Indemnização aos Investidores (Investor Compensation Scheme) has maintained contact with its European counterparts with a view to establishing bilateral agreements with these. Such contact has, to date, given rise to agreements with the following schemes:


Date of agreement
The Investors Compensation Scheme Limited