Investor area


The CMVM, through the Investor Relations Department (DRI), is able to answer all the questions that may arise relating to the functioning of securities markets.

This service does not superimpose on the obligation of the Financial Intermediaries and Issuers in providing the investors with all the information necessary for the making of a clarified investment decision.

The investors may, nonetheless, contact the Investor Relations Department (DRI) whenever they have queries, particularly, regarding the following:

  • Who should provide the information or where should they look;
  • If a certain individual or entity is registered with the CMVM as a bank, broker, financial broker, asset or investment fund manager, and thereby, being able to provide financial intermediation services;
  • If a certain operation was registered with the CMVM;
  • The technical language used in documents relating to securities and markets; or
  • Their rights.