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Symposium: The MiFID Transposition - Six months assessment of the New Framework for Markets and Financial Intermediaries

16th May 2008 - Faculty of Law at the University of Coimbra


14h00 - Registration

14h15 - Opening Session

      • Professor Teixeira dos Santos
        Minister of Finance (to be confirmed)
      • Professor José de Faria Costa
        Chairman of the Executive Board at the Faculty of Law in Coimbra
      • Professor João Calvão da Silva
        Chairman of the Instituto de Direito Bancário, da Bolsa e dos Seguros
      • Dr. Carlos Tavares
        Chairman of the CMVM
Panel I

Moderator: Professor António Barbosa de Melo
Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra

14h30 - The Innovations resulting from the MiFID Transposition: General Framework
Dr. Carlos Tavares (Chairman of the CMVM)

15h00 - The New Framework for Trading Structures: Markets, Multilateral Trading Facilities and Systematic Internaliser
Dr. Amadeu Ferreira (Vice-Chairman of the CMVM)

15h30 - The Expected Impact of the MiFID on the Financial Markets
Professor Pedro Duarte Neves (Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal)

16h00 - The Financial Intermediaries' Duties
Professor João Calvão da Silva (Chairman of the FDUC and Chairman of the BBS)

16h30 - Debate

16h45 - Break

Panel II

Professor Rui de Alarcão
Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra and the Chairman of the General Meeting of BBS (Instituto de Direito Bancário, de Bolsa e de Seguros)

17h15 - The Financial Intermediaries' Organisational Duties and the Conflict of Interests

Dr. João Labareda (Coordinator Director for the Coordination Management of Institutional Affairs and Compliance of Banco Santander Totta)

17h45 - The MiFID and the Framework for Substitute Products - Open-End Pension Funds, Unit Linked Assurances and Others
Dr. Gabriela Figueiredo Dias (Advisor at the Regulatory Policy and International Affairs Department of the CMVM and Lecturer at the FDUC)

18H15 - Closing Session
Professor Calvão da Silva