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Application for certificate

Note FOR InvestORS

Sending certificated by email only

Until further notice, and as a preventive measure due to the Covid-19 pandemic the CMVM will be altering the procedure for certificates by issuing them exclusively to the email address provided by the investors in the application. The email certificate has the same legal value as the paper certificate.

Before proceeding with the submission, the CMVM will send the applicant an e-mail with the billing data, which must be paid by bank transfer and the respective proof of payment to the CMVM by e-mail. The above procedure will not apply if the applicant does not have an email address, in which case the certificate will be sent by COD post.

Anyone who needs a certificate is requested to do so via the form available in this area of ​​the CMVM website, filled in legibly and sent to the e-mail address

Application for certificate


 Certificate for complying with tax duties for gratuitous conveyance of securities
Whenever a gratuitous conveyance of securities (i.e. endowment or inheritance) is subject to tax, the estate administrator or the beneficiary of same shall convey said information to the competent tax office. ​ ​  
​The securities may include shares, bonds or units in investment funds.

Information to the tax office shall include a certificate issued by the CMVM with respect to the price of the shares or as to other securities. ​


1. What does the CMVM certify?

  • The CMVM only issues certificates on the price of securities admitted to trading in the national market;

  • The CMVM does not issue certificates with the value of the investment units (or equivalent) of retirement savings funds, education savings funds, education savings funds, equity savings funds, pension funds, securities and real estate investment funds or securities or real estate investment companies which are subject to free transmission, as such transfers are not subject to Stamp Duty pursuant to Article 1 (5) (b) of the Stamp Duty Code (SDC) and as such are not subject to the duty to report as required in Article 26 [1] of the  of o participate in Article 26 (1) CIS;

  • Solely shows the nominal value of shares that are listed or not, for more than 6 months regarding Portuguese companies;

  • It does not have elements to calculate the value of securities that have not been listed for more than 6 months, for the purposes of Article 15 (3) (c) of the Stamp Duty Code.

 2. What form is used to request a certificate? 

A form is available under the "Certificate Application" button on the upper left corner of this page of the CMVM website either online or offline.

This form may also be requested via email to  or at the CMVM premises at:

Rua Laura Alves, nº 4, Lisbon

The applicant's information must be that of the estate administrator for inheritance purposes or that of the trustee for endowment purposes.  The certificate application may also be requested by a legal representative/attorney-in-fact.​


3. Where should the certificate application be submitted to? 
The application may be sent by email to or sent by post or fax to the CMVM premises at the abovementioned addresses or delivered in person at our premises.​


4. Delivery of the certificate

The applicant may choose either to receive the certificate via:

a) Post; and

b)  Collect it at the CMVM premises after the 10th working day, from the business day following the application, provided it is duly complete, between the hours of 09h00 to 12h30 and 14h00 to ​17h30. 


5. What are the costs for issuing the certificate?

The issuance of the certificate is subject to a fee of € 3 for each category of securities. The costs of registered mail or with return receipt, are also due if requested by the applicant.


6. When is payment made to the CMVM? 

Payment is due when: 
a) Post arrives at the address given by the applicant or collecting it at the post-office;
b) Collecting the certificate at the CMVM's premises. 


7. What is the delivery time for the certificate?

The CMVM issues the certificate within 10 working days, from the business day following the submission of the application, provided it is complete. ​