International activity


CMVM international activity

Participation in International committees and working groups

International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)  

  • Presidents Committee

The Presidents Committee is composed of representatives of all IOSCO members (ordinary and associate). Said committee meets yearly and has the power to decide on any matters pertinent to IOSCO.

  • European Regional Committee

The IOSCO European Regional Committee brings together European securities authorities, wherein issues are handles and discussed that are relevant to the European region and which aim to coordinate common standings on same, as well as on issues of the Organisation's governance and policy issues addressed by the relevant working committees which are then discussed and decided upon at the Board.

  • Committee on Emerging Risks

This IOSCO committee was established aiming appointing experts to discuss emerging risks and developments in the markets. The scope of this group of focuses on the development and assessment tools for aiding regulators to implement the IOSCO principles concerning the identification, monitoring and systemic risk mitigation in the relevant (Principles 6 and 7).

  • Assessement Committee

The Assessement Committee is responsible for applying the Organisation's principles and objectives by IOSCO members via the implementation of assessement reviews and assessments of certain jurisdictions (Country reviews) on issues associated with the IOSCO principles and objectives including: international regulatory standards for intermediaries of derivatives; calendars and disclosure schedules for financial information on issuers and collective investment schemes for investors; and assessing compliance with the principles on financial market infrastructure


  • MMoU Screening Group

This group is responsible for assessing applications from supervisors who are IOSCO ordinary members of IOSCO (and ordianry member candidates) to signatory status to the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MMoU), according to the IOSCO resolutions by wayof encouraging full support of its members to this instrument of cooperation and exchange of information in order to ensure compliance with the Laws and Regulations applicable in their respective markets in financial instruments.  Said Agreement is regarded as the international standard for cooperation enforcement.

  • MMoU Monitoring Group

It comprises all signatories to the IOSCO MMoU monitors cooperation and exchange of information under this Agreement.

  • C 1 - Issuer Accounting, Audit and Disclosure

This Committee is dedicated to improving the development of accounting and auditing standards, and enhancing the quality and transparency of the information that investors receive from listed companies, including financial institutions. It also considers matters related to the application of these standards in practice. IOSCO considers the accuracy, integrity and comparability of issuer disclosure to be essential for maintaining investor confidence and facilitating a stable international financial system.

  • C 4 - Committee on Enforcement and Exchange Information

This Committee handles matters relating to the exchange of information and international cooperation on enforcement between supervisory authorities.

  • C5 - Investment Management

The Committee on Investment Management is responsible for handling matters on asset management focusing on private and collective investment funds and so too hedge funds, private equity, venture capital funds and advisors on the latter. 

  • C8 - Committee on Retail Investors

The Committee on Retail Investors aims to protect retail investors, particularly as regards the promotion of financial education and literacy of retail investors and the analysis of emerging risks in terms of investor protection by adopting by IOSCO, the policies that are deemed necessary.