Press releases
Does not include those resolutions which, if published, could constitute a violation of the duties of secrecy to which CMVM is subject to

Management Board Resolutions

Disclosure of the Principal Resolutions by the Management Board

With a view to reinforcing the transparency of its acts by means of a commitment to regularly publish its principal resolutions, the CMVM adopts the following general guidelines as to the said disclosure:

1st – The CMVM communicates to the public the principal resolutions of general interest for the securities market.

2nd – Specific resolutions of general interest for the securities market pertain, among other matters, to authorisations and registrations of financial intermediaries or to asset management, approval of prospectuses and registrations of public offers, ongoing supervision, decisions concerning operations subject to the CMVM's assessment, approval of regulations, instructions, or recommendations and as a rule, in approving norms, the disclosure of the respective public consultations.

3rd – The communication to the public of the CMVM's principal resolutions is carried out by disclosing same on the CMVM's site.

4th – As a rule, the mentioned communication is issued on a weekly basis.

5th – The disclosure to the public of CMVM's specific principal resolutions always complies with both professional and legal secrecy duties to which the CMVM is subject to.  

6th – Informing the public of specific principal resolutions of the CMVM does not exempt this entity from promoting the disclosure and clarification, by the most appropriate means in each case, of its general action guidelines for action, laid out, in its action plans, opinions and generic understandings that it approves and in other general instruments.