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CMVM places four draft regulations on the new Electronic One-Stop Shop (BUE) on public consultation

22 March 2023

The CMVM has made available for public consultation, four draft regulations on the implementation of the Electronic One-Stop Shop (BUE) which is the CMVM's new communication channel that will streamline communication with supervised entities, investors and the general public.

In a context of growing digitalisation and interaction between the CMVM and its stakeholders, associated with the exchange of increasingly significant volumes of information, the CMVM will launch a new platform which will provide secure, more efficient and effective access to services which cover the CMVM's activities, particularly in the area of supervision, and of investor support and protection.

The implementation of the BUE requires the amendment of four CMVM regulations to adapt the ways in which supervised parties comply with their reporting duties while maintaining the regulatory regime applied to the different supervised entities.

Thus, the following documents are made available for public consultation:

  • The Draft Regulation on BUE, which will repeal CMVM Regulation No. 3/2016, and which aims to:
    • Regulate the CMVM BUE;
    • Establish BUE as a privileged means of communication with the supervised parties for the purposes of reporting, sending information and documents on its own initiative or requested by the CMVM, as well as for making requests regarding its proceedings (excluding administrative infraction proceedings);
    • Enabling non-supervised individuals (or their representatives) to access BUE and make requests to the CMVM, without prejudice to those who do not subscribe to the BUE being able to use the other means of communication, regularly provided for, with the CMVM.
  • Draft regulation on the means of compliance with issuers' information duties, which repeals and replaces CMVM Regulation No. 1/2022, and adapts compliance with issuers' information duties;
  • Draft regulation on real estate valuers' reporting, amending CMVM Regulation No. 1/2017 as amended by CMVM Regulation No. 6/2020, and adapting compliance with the reporting duties of real estate valuers;
  • Draft regulation on audit supervision, repealing CMVM Regulation No. 4/2015, and introducing changes to audit exercise and supervision, adapting and adjusting compliance with the reporting duties of auditors.
The CMVM will hold sessions, addressed to the different supervised groups, to present BUE and provide clarifications on its functioning before its launch in May.

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments on the public consultation by 11 April 2023.


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