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CMVM marks its 31st anniversary with the launch of CMVM inov

10 May 2022

Today, the CMVM celebrates its 31st anniversary with the launch of the "CMVM inov - Capital Market Innovation Hub".

With a view to fostering innovation and proximity with stakeholders, CMVM inov aims to be a new engagement platform between the community of entrepreneurs in capital markets and the CMVM.

The innovation hub was created due to the relevance and potential economic and social impact of innovative projects in capital markets. In this sense, it aims to help entrepreneurs to progress safely in the face of the various regulatory frameworks. Projects can be submitted to the CMVM via a form available in the dedicated area of the website.

This initiative also aims to be a forum for sharing knowledge through the development of initiatives and publications on financial innovation. The CMVM inov is structured in three areas of activity: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and Innovation in Sustainability Factors (ESG). It also brings together initiatives and events on financial innovation and provides case studies, information on legislation and frequently asked questions.

The CMVM's Strategic Plan for the 2022-2024 three-year period defines adopting a positive attitude towards financial innovation and the transition to a more sustainable economy as one of its priority actions. 

The CMVM monitors technological innovation and values ground-breaking approaches and ensures investor protection. The CMVM seeks to monitor trends, mitigate risks, and to contribute to an efficient and sustainable economy and digital markets by taking on a proactive, analytical, and constructive role in promoting financial innovation and best practices.