Press releases

CMVM commences periodic publication of the Management Board’s Principal Resolutions

5 April 2022

The CMVM will begin to regularly publish, on a weekly basis, the principal resolutions of the Management Board in a dedicated area on its website. 

In actively and permanently engaging with all stakeholders in the financial system, the CMVM believes that investors and the market in general must have access to the way the CMVM works, its policies, priorities, and decisions. 

This public disclosure of specific resolutions that are of general interest to the securities market, reinforces the CMVM's commitment in promoting transparent action and continuous dialogue with the market. 

Therefore, resolutions that are of general interest to the market, are considered to be those that deal with matters concerning authorisations and registrations of financial intermediaries or within the context of asset management, the approval of prospectuses and registration of public offers, continuous supervision, decisions that fall upon transactions subject to the CMVM's assessment and approval of regulations, instructions or recommendations and as a rule, when the approval of rules is concerned and the disclosure of the respective public consultations. 

The disclosure process will comply with both professional and legal secrecy duties to which the CMVM is subject to.