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CMVM celebrates World Investor Week in October

14 September 2021 

Between 6 and 12 October, the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) will organise the 5th edition of the World Investor Week in Portugal, which will, once again be highly sponsored by His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

This year’s initiative, created by IOSCO to promote financial education and investor protection, will focus on issues that aim, on the one hand, to help investors face the uncertainty arising from the pandemic crisis and, on the other, to reflect on the contribution that the capital market can offer to the economy.    

With the slogan "Information is your most valuable asset", the 2021 World Investor Week has almost two dozen initiatives and a set of complementary actions led by the CMVM and its partners, fostering debates and understanding on important issues on investor protection. This will reach a diverse target audience, such as students, professors, senior citizens, bank customers, investors, and the public.

The programme starts on 6 October with the conference/webinar "Risks and opportunities of a digital capital market", which will address the new investment reality, namely business models based on zero commissions and gamification, the relationship youth have with money and savings, and investment in the era of social networks. Organised by the CMVM in a hybrid format, it is aimed at young investors and the public.

On the same day, the Portuguese Insurers Association (APS) will address "The role of digitalisation in promoting retirement savings", aiming to expand the understanding on the potential of digitization in the monitoring of retirement pensions, its advantages and challenges, and the CFA Society Portugal will organize a conference on financial literacy, comprising five modules including “Why invest?” and "Behavioural Biases", for university students and the public.

On 7 October, the day commences with a DECO webinar on “The role of information in investor protection”, directed at the public, and with an activity by the CFA Society Portugal for retail investors, consisting of a challenge aimed at boosting financial literacy. Euronext and the Portuguese Association of Investment and Pension Funds (APFIPP) join in the “Invest Talks” initiative, with the topic “Investment Behaviour and Security”, specifically the capital market, digitalisation, cybersecurity for private investors and university students.

October 8th begins with Banco de Portugal’s webinar/conference “My relationship with money”, aimed at young investors and the public, and the webinar “Investment Book Club”, by the CFA Society Portugal, which includes the presentation of a book on fundamental investment analysis.

The first “Open Day in the Banking Sector” of the Portuguese Banking Association (APB) takes place on Monday, 11 October, and will address “How to access online banking?” for senior citizens. On the same day, we will have the “CMVM Talks” for young investors and the public, wherein the results of a study on financial literacy will be presented. This will be followed by an action to raise awareness on the importance of social networks in savings and investment decisions of youth and cryptocurrencies, organised by the CMVM and the Directorate-General for Education. The activities close with the webinar of the Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts (APAF) for the public on “The importance of sustainability for boosting the capital market”.

On the last day of activities, the three financial supervisors – CMVM, Banco de Portugal and the Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Pension Funds (ASF) will hold, within the scope of the PNFF/Todos Contam, a workshop-debate on digital channels and their importance as a source of information for saving and investment decisions, and gamification, whose target audience are students and Technicon teachers at INETE - Instituto de Educação Técnica. The APB organises the second “Open Day in the Banking Sector”, for senior citizens concerning operations that may be carried out in online banking. The ASF will hold a session in hybrid format, for the public, on the pan-European personal pension product (PEPP). The public will also be afforded with the CMVM workshop on " Risk of digital frauds and how citizens can protect themselves” and the second workshop "Invest Talks", by Euronext/APFIPP on the aspects and behaviours that influence divesting and investing. The webinar of the Association of Issuers of Listed Securities (AEM) on “Ethics, behaviour and information” closes the activities’ programme of the 12th October and of the WWI.

Information on the programme and initiatives (free attendance) during the World Investor Week, may be consulted on the event’s website.