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CMVM celebrates its 30th anniversary with a programme of initiatives

​21 April 2021

To celebrate its 30th anniversary and three decades of committing to the mission of supervising and regulating financial markets and investor protection, the CMVM has prepared a programme of initiatives that will take place over the next few weeks.

This set of activities will help to highpoint some of the milestones in the development of the CMVM over the past three decades; starting with institutional consolidation in the 1990s, followed by the strengthening of the regulatory framework and information and investor support in the first 10 years of this century and, in the last 10 years, crisis response and contributions to simplification, financial innovation and the EU capital markets union.


“Going into 2021 and together with all market players, we look ahead with informed optimism regarding the possibility of building a more efficient, more sustainable capital market and that is increasingly at the service of citizens and companies”, said the CMVM Chair, Gabriela Figueiredo Dias. 

The CMVM's 30th anniversary celebration programme starts on 29 April with an international seminar on auditing. Said is organised in partnership with the CIRSF - Research Center for Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector bringing together national and international experts, decision makers, regulators and industry representatives to talk about “Supervision of auditors at a crossroads: lessons learnt from landmark cases and the way forward".

On 11 May, and to mark the commencement of the CMVM’s fourth decade of existence, the seminar “CMVM’s 30th Anniversary: The future of the capital market and its regulation” will take place. At the session, a special issue of the CMVM Securities Markets Review will be launched on the 20 years of the Securities Code.  The event will also have a debate on the future of the capital market and its regulation and the winner of the 2020 CMVM Financial Innovation Contest 2020 award will be announced.

A debate will also be held on 25 May that will address the “Literacy on the Capital Markets in Portugal: Findings and Challenges”. This session will present the results of one of the most complete surveys concerning specific literacy on the capital market carried out for our country, with the support of the European Commission and which will lead to the drawing up of a national literacy programme focused on the capital market.

For more information on the programme and registration details of the events, visit the page on the 30th anniversary celebration initiatives.