Press releases

CMVM temporarily suspends on-site service to the public

17 March 2020 

The CMVM informs that it has temporarily suspended on-site service to the public for an indefinite period, following the adoption of extraordinary measures to contain and mitigate Covid-19, namely the guidelines for minimising social interaction.

The support service for investors and other individuals or entities will continue to be provided by the CMVM through the remote means available for this purpose, namely, by email and specific telephone contacts, which can be consulted on the CMVM website.

Support will continue to be provided to investors via the Toll-free number - 800 205 339 from 09h00 to 18h00. 

Investors or their representatives who have requested securities certificates and requested their collection at the CMVM headquarters by hand, will be contacted in due course for its postal dispatch.

The CMVM makes a new area available on its website where it will disclose, if necessary, additional measures addressed to investors and market operators that result from the exceptional situation generated by the coronavirus.

These announced extraordinary procedural changes will be reversed at a time considered appropriate according the evolution of Covid-19.