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Sustainable Finance Meetings

The Sustainable Finance Meetings comprise information, debate and reflection activities on the opportunities and challenges posed by the introduction of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in financial decisions. In this first edition, planned initiatives will bring together the regulator, industry associations, issuers and asset managers. This theme will also be debated with the civil society in yet another “CMVM Talks”, bringing together experts in the environmental area, namely marine conservation.

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15 December 2020


09:30-11:00  Disclosure of Non-financial Information by Issuers – Proposed Model Report

(participation by invite only) 

Welcome Message - Gabriela Figueiredo Dias, Chair of the CMVM Management Board

Presentation of the Proposed Model - Sandra Cardoso (Coordinator of the CMVM Issuers Department) and Laura Leal (Coordinator of the CMVM Regulatory Policy and International Affairs Department)


  • Abel Ferreira (Executive Director of AEM)
  • Margarida Couto (Chair of GRACE)
  • Moderator - Juliano Ferreira (Director of the CMVM Issuers Department)

    Q&As with audience interaction


11:30-13:00 -  ESG Challenges for Asset Management (participation by invite only)

Welcome Message - Gabriela Figueiredo Dias, Chair of the CMVM Management Board

Presentation " ESG Supervisory Principles and Trends" - CMVM


  • João Pratas (Chair of APFIPP)
  • Sofia Santos (Consultant)
  • Moderator Carla Rodrigues Mãe (Director of the CMVM Prudential Supervision and Authorisations Department)

    Q&As with audience interaction


17:30-19:00 -  CMVM Talks: “From Sustainable Finance to a Sustainable Planet” 

  • Watch the video (portuguese only)

Presentation of the “A Microplastic Sea” – a project by the Association for Marine Research and Conservation (AECO), co-financed by the participants at the 2019 CMVM Annual Conference

    • Ricardo Barradas (Chair of AECO)
    • Rui Peres Jorge (Director of the CMVM Strategic Analysis and Communication Office) 
    • Antonio Costa - (Director of ECO)


  • Gabriela Figueiredo Dias (Chair of the CMVM Management Board)
  • João Wengorovius Meneses (Secretary General of BCSD)
  • Helena Vieira (Director General of Maritime Policy)
  • Ricardo Barradas (Chair of AECO)
  • Moderator - Antonio Costa (Director of ECO)

    Q&As with audience interaction