​CMVM Priorities for 2019



The effort to provide higher quality and more valuable public service to society, thus fulfilling our mission, has determined us to be more concrete, predictable and transparent in the goals and priorities we face vis-à-vis, the supervised, investors and society in general. 

We see this purpose of transparency and implementation of priorities, contributing  toward  the stable and efficient functioning of the capitals markets in Portugal, insofar as it allows the progressive alignment of the conduct of our supervised entities with those that we identify, given the detected risks and the knowledge acquired in the exercise of supervision, as priorities to be addressed. The availability of relevant information, in particular, priorities and action measures, aligns market expectations, increases predictability and reinforces the commitment we have made with everyone to promote efficient, fair and dynamic markets.

In 2019, we will be taking another step in this direction by publishing 3 general CMVM objectives as well as, 7 priorities and a broad set of activities that by achieving those priorities, we believe will make a significant contribution to the fulfilment of our mission.

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