Information disclosure system

Financial intermediaries

Financial Intermediaries that carry out reception and transmission of orders via the internet


In compliance with the provisions of Article 31 of CMVM Regulation No. 2/2007, the following is a list of registered financial intermediaries in Portugal that provide the reception and transmission of orders on financial instruments through the internet.


Financial intermediaryMode for reception of ordersNameWebsite
​Barclays Bank, PLC – Branch in Portugal​Home BankingBarclaysNet  


​Banco ActivoBank, SA

​Home Banking
Trade on stock market and invest in Investment Funds  
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​ActivoInvest ​iOS
​Banco BPI, SA​Home BankingBPI Net  
​Mobile Banking  ​BPI Net Mobile
​Banco Comercial Português, SA​Home Banking
​Trade on stock market and invest in Investment Funds 
​SMS Banking Buy and sell shares on PSI20 ​3352 
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
Banco de Investimento Global, SA ​ 
​Home Banking ​BIG Online  
​Mobile Banking Standard  trading page  
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​BIG XTRADE​iOS/Android 
Electronic Trading Venues

Novo Banco, SA

​Home Banking​NBNet
​Mobile Banking​NB mobile
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​NBapp mobile ​iOS/Android 
​Novo Banco dos Açores, SA​Home Banking ​NBnet dos Açores
Banco Invest, SA​Home Banking ​ Invest Online 
​Mobile Banking​ Invest Online 
Electronic Trading Venues
​Invest Trader  
​Banco LJ Carregosa, SA​Home Banking ​Sítio Banco Carregosa
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​Gobulling Pro Mobile ​iOS/Android/BlackBerry/Windows 
Electronic Trading Venues
​Gobulling Pro
​Banco Popular Portugal, SA​Home Banking ​Banc@Online 
​Banco Português de Investimento, SA​Home Banking​BPI Online 
​Mobile Banking​BPI Online Mobile
​Banco Santander Totta, SA ​Home Banking ​Netbanco 
​Mobile Banking ​Mobile Particulares
​SMS Banking​Mobile Particulares ​4567
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​Mobile Particulares ​iOS/Android 
​Banif – Banco Internacional do Funchal, SA​ Home Banking​Banif@st Bolsa
​Mobile Banking ​Banif Trader 
Electronic Trading Venues 
​Banif Trader 
​Best – Banco Electrónico de Serviço Total, SA​Home Banking​Home Banking 
​Mobile Banking​Best mobile
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​Best mobile app ​iOS/Android 
Electronic Trading Venues
​Best Trading Pro 
​Caixa – Banco de Investimento, SA
Electronic Trading Venues
​Caixadirecta Invest
​Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo, Crl  ​Home Banking​On-Line Particulares
Electronic Trading Venues (Temporarily suspended)
​CA Futuros 
(Temporarily suspended) 
(Temporarily suspended)

​Caixa Económica Montepio Geral​Home Banking​Net24
​Mobile Banking​Netmóvel24
​SMS Banking​SMS24 ​4424 
Electronic Trading Venues
​Montepio Trader 
​Montepio Trader Mobile 
​Caixa Geral de Depósitos, SA Home BankingCaixadirecta on-line 
​Mobile Banking​Caixadirecta mobile 
Apps (applications for mobile devices)  
​Caixadirecta App ​iOS/Android 
Electronic Trading Venues
​Caixadirecta Invest
​Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellchaft​Home Banking​db Online 
​Dif Broker – Sociedade Corretora, SA  ​Home Banking​Dif Freedom 
​Mobile Banking​Dif Freedom 
Electronic Trading Venues 
​Dif FreedomComputer installation
​Dif FXComputer installation 
Fincor – Sociedade Corretora, SA
Electronic Trading Venues 
​Fincor Trading On-line 
​Golden Broker – Sociedade Corretora, SA
Apps (applications for mobile devices)
​Golden Broker ​iOS/Android 
Electronic Trading Venues 
​Golden Trader Computer installation
​Golden Web Trader 
​Golden Mobile Trader 
​Orey Financial - Instituição Financeira de Crédito, SA  
Electronic Trading Venues  
​Orey iTrade Acesso PC Computer installation 
​Acesso Web iTrade 
​Acesso Mobile
​X - Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski SA - Branch in Portugal​​Apps (applications for mobile devices)​Xmobile ​iOS/Android
​Xtab ​iOS/Android
​MT4 Mobile Acsess​iOS/Android
Electronic Trading Venues  
​ MetatraderComputer installation 
​ xOptionComputer installation